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40th Annual Matsushima Oyster Festival

2018.02.04 - 2018.02.04

Matsushima Town

40th Annual Matsushima Oyster Festival

10:00AM - 2:00PM
North Side of Matsushima Park 5th Parking Lot

A festival will be held where guests can enjoy the winter flavor of Matsushima's oysters. This year because the Matsushima Seaside Park is under construction, the festival will be held on a slightly smaller scale than usual.

At each stall in the "Fruits of the Land and Sea of Miyagi" Food & Drink Area vendors will be offering products made from oysters, along with Matsushima and Miyagi-grown ingredients. Also at the event the Matsushima Onsen Hot Springs will be offering a free foot bath, there will be representatives from each of the Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan, and there will be stage performances.